Legal Matters

Short version: You cannot sue us for anything resulting from the use of the data coming from this site. Just because data comes from a computer doesn't mean it would not need critical review. Do not do anything with data you get from here that you wouldn't want other people to do with your data. Do not sue us before talking to us first.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Data on this site is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. None of our services have been audited for use in critical equipment (e.g., navigation) and should therefore not be used under such circumstances.

While we try to keep everything accurate and are grateful for error reports of all kinds , human error (either the data center staff's or the contributing scientists'), machine failures, or scientific progress may lead to incorrect data being delivered to you. Critically review any data you get from us. While we will gladly bear the responsibility if bad data from us causes you to publish wrong results, the damage still is yours.

Usage Rights

The data delivered from this site has been provided by contributing scientists. We trust the contributors actually possess the rights to the data. If you believe some usage right violation is being perpetrated on this site, please let us know before going to court.

Even if, possibly due to a software failure, you gain access to data you should not have access to, you are still bound to the conditions of use stated on the service pages.

Please respect other regulations the conditions of use might impose as well. In particular, please acknowledge the services in your publications if asked to do so on the service pages.

Of course, we would be pleased if you acknowledged us in publications that made use of our services, e.g., "This work is based in part on services provided by the GAVO data center". Acknowledging is, however, completely up to you.

No Guaranteed Availability

While we strive to keep the data center online with a minimum of interruptions, certain downtimes have to be reckoned with, e.g., during software updates (which still happen quite frequently), network outages or machine maintainance. We will currently not announce such downtimes but would try to accomodate requests for service availability.