SDSS DR16 Selection

This is a redacted version of the SDSS DR16 table prepared for VizieR (V/154/sdss16). It is mainly here to facilitate local matches; for original SDSS-related research, it is probably better to somewhere else. Over VizieR and SDSS, we are keeping most of the per-band values in arrays to keep the column list manageable. Note that in ADQL, array indexes are 1-based. We are trying to orient our column names on SDSS but use underscores instead of camel-casing (e.g. spec_obj_id instead of SpecObjID), since mixed-case identifiers in SQL is asking for trouble. To save space, we do not keep psf-based classifications, per-band offsets, spectrum metadata, and USNO-related information in this table. Let the operators know if you need any of that.
Coordinates (as h m s, d m s or decimal degrees), or SIMBAD-resolvable object
Search radius in arcminutes
Spectroscopic final redshift (when SpObjID>0)
SDSS unique object identifier
Model magnitude in u filter AB scale
Model magnitude in g filter AB scale
Model magnitude in r filter AB scale
Model magnitude in i filter AB scale
Model magnitude in z filter AB scale
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