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This catalog presents the 1-100 GeV spectral energy distribution (SED) for a population of 148 high-synchrotron-peaked blazars (HSPs) recently detected with Fermi-LAT as part of the First Brazil-ICRANet Gamma-ray Blazar catalogue (1BIGB). A series of two works describe details on the broadband analysis: 2017A&A...598A.134A, and the calculation of the gamma-ray SEDs 2018MNRAS.480.2165A.

The 1BIGB sample was originally selected from an excess signal in the 0.3-500 GeV band The flux estimates presented here are derived considering PASS8 data, integrating over more than 9 years of Fermi-LAT observations. The full broadband fit between 0.3-500 GeV presented in paper 1 for all sources was reevaluated in paper 2, updating the power-law parameters with currently

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