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MWSC presents a list of 3006 Milky Way Stellar Clusters (MWSC), found in the 2MAst (2MASS with Astrometry) catalogue. The target list was compiled on the basis of present-day lists of open, globular and candidate clusters. For confirmed clusters we determined a homogeneous set of astrophysical parameters such as membership, angular radii of the main morphological parts, mean cluster proper motions, distances, reddenings, ages, tidal parameters, and sometimes radial velocities.
Coordinates (as h m s, d m s or decimal degrees), or SIMBAD-resolvable object
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Probability of membership from spatial properties
Probability of membership from kinetic properties
Probability of membership from J, Ks photometry
MWSC number of the cluster containing the star.
V magnitude in Johnson system.
Magnitude in the 2MASS J band
Unique identifier in 2MASS (pts_key)
Spectral type and luminosity class
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