The HSOY Catalog

HSOY is a catalog of 583'001'653 objects with precise astrometry based on PPMXL and Gaia DR1. Typical formal errors at mean epoch in proper motion are below 1 mas/yr for objects brighter than 10 mag, and about 5 mas/yr at the faint end (about 20 mag). South of -30 degrees, astrometry is significantly worse. HSOY also contains, where available, USNO-B, Gaia, and 2MASS photometry. HSOY's positions and proper motions are given for epoch J2000. The catalog becomes severely incomplete faintwards of 16 mag in the G-band. The mean epochs are typically very close to Gaia's J2015.

HSOY still contains about 0.7% spurious close "binaries" (non-matched stars) from the original USNO-B (marked with non-NULL clone). Also, failed matches within Gaia DR1 contribute another 1.5% spurious pairs (marked with non-NULL comp). In both cases, astrometry presumably is sub-standard.

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Coordinates (as h m s, d m s or decimal degrees), or SIMBAD-resolvable object
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Mean magnitude in the G band from Gaia DR1. Magnitudes for which err_flux/flux>0.1 have been dropped.
K_s selected default magnitude from 2MASS
Unique source identifier
The PPMXL object identifier, which in turn is the q3c ipix of the original USNO-B object; for HSOY, only (ipix, comp) is a unique identifier (primary key). The recommended identifier form is 'HSOY ipix.comp', where comp=0 for NULL comps. This is what the SCS generates.
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