The Gaia eDR3 Catalogue of Nearby Stars GCNS

This is a clean and well characterised catalogue of objects within 100pc of the Sun from the Gaia early third data release. We characterise the catalogue using the full data release, and comparisons to other catalogues in literature and simulations. For all candidates (measured parallax < 8 mas), we calculate a distance probability function using Bayesian procedures and mock catalogues for the prediction of the priors. For each entry using a random forest classifier we attempt to remove sources with spurious astrometric solutions.

This results in 331312 objects that should contain at least 92% of stars within 100 pc at spectral type M9.

GCNS comes with several auxiliary tables, in particular lists of resolved stellar systems, of known neary stars not found in eDR3 and of candidates of Hyades and ComaBer cluster members.

Coordinates (as h m s, d m s or decimal degrees), or SIMBAD-resolvable object
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Absolute barycentric stellar parallax of the source at the reference epoch J2016.0. If looking for a distance, consider joining with gedr3dist.main and using the distances from there.
Median of the distance PDF
Median x coordinate in the Galactic frame assuming dist_50
Median y coordinate in the Galactic frame assuming dist_50
Median z coordinate in the Galactic frame assuming dist_50
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