Dexter: Choose Name

Dexter is a service that allows you to reconstruct data from graphs you only have in PDF or as an image.

Before you can upload your source, please give your data some name. You can use that name later to do further extraction, to revisit your work, or to pass it on to colleagues.

Dexter originally was a Java applet. Modern browsers cannot exceute them any more, which is why we are using Leaningtech's CheerPJ to get it executed using webassembly and javascript. This works reasonably well in Chromium, less well in Firefox. Please be a bit patient at startup.

If you run this more often, you may want to look into running DaCHS locally.

A freely choosable name for the data you want to work on

Note: executing this will pull resources from Leaningtech and run their code in your browser. This is probably all right, but since it's a deviation of our privacy policy, we'd like to tell you up front.